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PDU Reaches 118 Piping Design Course Goal

(October 2, 2014, Houston, TX) Piping Design U today announced it has reached its planned goal of 118 piping design courses that award badges.  PDU announced the goal  June 1, 2014. The list of piping design course badges is at:


These courses plus the two Professional Piping Design Review Courses provide over 150 videos on piping topics. 

The course content has been developed over the span of 12 years and has been viewed by over a thousand pipers world wide.  Current subscribers can begin taking the new courses immediately at no extra charge.

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Implemented Piping Design Courses Top 100

(September, 19, 2014, Houston, TX) Piping Design U announced today that it has implemented 105 piping design courses showing over 140 videos.  It has become one of the largest training online training and credentialing resources for piping design.  All of these courses are available for one low monthly charge.

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Piping Design U Adds SPED PPD Review Videos

Piping Design U (http://pipingdesignu.com/) has added the classic SPED PPD review videos to its training portal.  The two reviews:

PPD Level I Review (18 videos)

PPD Level III Review (18 videos)

are designed to prepare pipers to take the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) Professional Piping Designers (PPD) certification exams for the levels shown.

The two video sets, a $300 value, are included at no extra charge in the site subscription fee. The practice quizzes, exams and certification applications are available directly from SPED at www.spedweb.com.


Just-In-Time Training for Piping Designers

Just-In-Time Training is a concept supported by the highly structured courses of Piping Design U.  JIT training allows busy professionals to acquire needed skills just before they are needed on the job.  It reduces the need for formal classroom training and the burden on workplace mentors and supervisors.

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New Pages Lists Piping Design Backpackers

Piping Design U has published a selected list of Piping Design Backpackers