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PDU Reaches 118 Piping Design Course Goal

(October 2, 2014, Houston, TX) Piping Design U today announced it has reached its planned goal of 118 piping design courses that award badges.  PDU announced the goal  June 1, 2014. The list of piping design course badges is at:


These courses plus the two Professional Piping Design Review Courses provide over 150 videos on piping topics. 

The course content has been developed over the span of 12 years and has been viewed by over a thousand pipers world wide.  Current subscribers can begin taking the new courses immediately at no extra charge.

Piping Design U has pioneered the use of badges in piping design courses. Badges are a new, portable digital credential that can be displayed electronically to employers and clients.  Badges contain much more detail than certificates and cannot be forged.

Implementing badges in all 118 piping design courses required months of development and design not found elsewhere.  Each course has its own question bank that allow pipers to test their knowledge on every course objective. The result is a new level of quality in piping designer training.

Learn about badges for free here: http://pipe.lms.infoassets.com/course/view.php?id=13

Piping Design U offers 120 courses with over 135 videos   All for one low monthly fee.

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