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Badge Evidence Policy

Badge Evidence Policy

Piping Design U

Each badge following the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) has a link to the evidence that the badge skills were attained.  In the Piping Design U Moodle site, this link will show that a certificate has been awarded to the candidate.

Piping Design U does not disclose test grades to the public.  Each badge has a set of objectives for the skills represented by the badge.  Each set of objectives is tested by a quiz of not less than 10 questions (or 10 individual answers) with at least one question or answer representing each objective of the skills definition.

In order to be awarded the badge, the candidate has to score at least 80% on the quiz.  Inside Moodle, a certificate is awarded if their grade meets the 80% standard. Awarding the certificate triggers awarding the badge, thus, the badge shows the certificate as the “evidence” of having the skill. The badge will not show the actual grade on the exam.

The certificate can be downloaded by the candidate.  That certificate shows the course in which the badge was earned and the grade on the exam.  Interested parties may request that certificate from the candidate directly.