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Piping Design Training – FAQ

Piping Design Training – Frequently Asked Questions

Piping Designer Jobs

Do pipers make a lot of money?  The short answer is YES.  Experienced piping designers make upwards of $100 per hour, depending on training, experience and many other factors.  Piping designers get paid for what they can do and do right.

How do I become a piping designer?  There are many college and private training programs available.  SPED published an article on “How to Become a Piper”  click HERE.

How do I find a job in piping design?  All the job sites list openings under “piping designer”, “pipe drafting”, “pipe CAD”, etc. There is a job board specializing in piping designer jobs HERE.

Piping Design U

What is Piping Design U? Piping Design U is a new training site that provides affordable credentials to piping designer.

Why does PDU offer so many small courses on a subscription basis?  PDU courses are designed for the busy working piper who needs training in small packages, often right before using it on their current task.  By subscribing to all the courses, pipers can choose if and when to study a topic.

Can I share my subscription with others? No.  Sharing a subscription is not permitted by PDU and is grounds for termination. There are a number of reasons for this rule. Badges and grades are awarded to the person named on the account. PDU must assure that badges it issues are to the person named on the badge. If an account is used by someone else, the record, for good or bad,  will be under that owners name and email.

Can I change the person using the account?  Yes, for a $50 change fee, the new account under designated person is created with the balance of the subscription transferred to it and the old one is deactivated.

Are PDU courses the same as SPED courses? No, not exactly. The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) offers two course and four exam reviews (MORE HERE) separate from PDU.  PDU and SPED course subtopics are almost identical and use many of the same videos.  SPED, however, organizes their topics and subtopics into bigger courses designed to prepare pipers for certification. For SPED training, pipers pay by the module or course.  PDU offers topics individually and subscribers can see all topics for one monthly fee.  In addition, SPED bundles their Professional Piping Designer (PPD) exam and application fees into the cost of the course. Even if a piper took all the topics and subtopics taught by PDU, it would still have to take the PPD exam from SPED, not PDU.

Badges for Piping Designers

What are Badges?  Badges are a new, portable, digital credential that is owned by the piper, who can show them to employers and clients as they desire.

Why does PDU offer badges?  Piping Design U offers both certificates and badges to pipers who complete their courses.   Badges are the ideal way to document knowledge and skills earned in small, concise courses.

Who accepts badges?  The training material used in the courses has been viewed by thousands of pipers all over the world. Badges are relatively new so a particular hiring manager might not have experience with them.  Most hiring managers who use badges, like them for the extra detail they give about a piper’s credential.

Where can I find out more about badges?  PDU has a free course on badges HERE.  There is more information available from the Mozzilla Open Badges Initiative website at http://openbadges.org/