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Piping Designer Jobs Outlook

The first questions most new pipers ask is where are the jobs and how much can I make?  Let me try to answer this as best I can.

Piping designer jobs always move from company to company and city to city, depending on who has a contract.  There are strong centers of contract activity in Houston, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur, London and many, many other cities.

Pipers in Houston, for example, start around $20 an hour, with 2 year Associate Degree in CAD, to @100 an hour or more.  Your get paid for your knowledge, training and experience.  Nobody wants to stop and train someone making a lot per hour, so you are expected to walk in the door knowing what you are doing.

According to careerbuilder.com, the average annual Salary for “Piping Designer” in “Houston TX” $93,755, 7% above the US national average.  That would be $45 an hour.

The best way to find out what pipers make is to look at the Ads.  I recommend:

PipingDesigners.com Job Board (Specializes in Piping Designer Jobs)

CareerBuilder.com (Gives better detail by city, recruiter and specialty)

– Piping Design U