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Just-In-Time Training for Piping Designers

Just-In-Time Training is a concept supported by the highly structured courses of Piping Design U.  JIT training allows busy professionals to acquire needed skills just before they are needed on the job.  It reduces the need for formal classroom training and the burden on workplace mentors and supervisors.

In today’s economy it is expensive to organize a class and schedule participants. Without organized training, however, new hires cannot get and document the skills needed to perform most tasks they are assigned.  The problem is made worse by using part time workers or hiring incrementally. Their knowledge may have gaps or simply been forgotten: These gaps can cause problems when needed for the current task. The solution is JIT training.

The essential elements of JIT training are simple:

  • Modular Training structured in small, easy to understand topics;
  • Jobsite Access to the training preferably from the internet or workplace intranet;,
  • Simple, Quick Assessments that confirm the worker’s understanding;
  • Digital Credentials that are portable and document the worker’s new skill.

Modular training breaks down major topics into topics that can be absorbed in 15 minutes to one hour. This topic is ideal for a quick review or study during lunch, awaiting data or on project downtime.

Jobsite access means workers do not have to leave their seats to initiate training. This cuts travel time and avoids delays in getting critical skills on the job.

Simple, quick assessments permit self testing of knowledge while the training content is still at hand.  Confirming knowledge and skills before returning to work prevents errors and misunderstanding from making their way into deliverables.

Digital credentials, such as Open Badges,  allow the attained skill to be immediately documented and reported to management.  Most modern digital credentials are self documenting and hard to forge.  Properly structured, they satisfy the requirements of many professional development continuing education programs.  This is especially important where licensing or local regulations require ongoing staff training.

In short, JIT training is an efficient way to develop staff, reduce supervisor mentoring, eliminate mistakes and integrate new hires.  Piping Design U has implemented all these elements for piping designers. We invite you to experience these advantages for yourself.