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Piping Design U has created two pages on piping designer jobs:

Piping Designer Jobs at Companies Click Here

Piping Designer Jobs Outlook Click Here

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Piping Design U Extends Backpacker Special

Piping Design U has extended the popular Piper Backpacker Special for a limited time.  The Piper Backpacker Special grants a free, two week enrollment in the Piping Design U Learning Portal for pipers who have a public collection of badges.

Public collections are convenient ways to show badges to friends and employers.  The can contain as little as one badge although one piper now displays 21 badges (earned during their two week enrollment).  It takes only a few seconds to get a free backpack and a few more to create a collection. To get more details about the Piper Backpacker Special and earn your first, free badge, CLICK HERE. Hurry, this offer is for a limited time and can end without notice.


Piping Design U Adds New Training Videos

Piping Design U has added new training videos to its training channel. The videos are to explain the use of the new piping design training badges, offered exclusively by PDU.

The videos are included in a new piping design training badge playlist:


PipingDesignU is now open!

www.PipingDesignU.com is now open!  The goal of the site is to provide affordable piping training and credentials. The site is pioneering a new, digital credential called open badges. Badges give more detail on what a piper has learned.

Here is what a backpack collection from a Marathon Petroleum piper looks like:

Sample Collection of Piping Design Badges

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Piping Design U has announced its planned list of badges for its piping design training learning portal.  Badges represent a new type of personal credential that represents specific skills and is controlled by the piping designer.  Once earned, badges can be uploaded to a piper’s own “backpack” and presented to prospective employers and clients.

To see the current list, CLICK HERE
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